Paul Bommarito – Evanston

I was in the market for my first car purchase ever. Prior to coming to Chips Trucks, I had a couple other bad experiences. I emailed Chip asking for an update on the vehicle. He was completely transparent and honest. He had another potential buyer inline and did not want to waste my time seeing the car if the buyer came through. However, the buyer did not come through, and Chip immediately got back in touch with me. I went out to see the car. It actually looked better than the online images, which I have never experienced before. He was honest, nice, and a pleasure to deal with. He trusted me completely to test drive it myself and get it inspected if I wanted to. He even called a mechanic next door to ask how much it would be and if they had time to do it. The process was smooth and fun, and he was very helpful working me through financing. Very happy that I came to Chip and grateful for his honesty and support. Keep making customers happy Chip!!!

Paul Bommarito - Evanston

Terry Bragiel – Grayslake

Two thumbs up for Chips Trucks. Both Chip and Erik are great to work with. "Take on Tough" was easy with both of these guys. I have no problem recommending them, quality trucks and great prices.

Terry Bragiel - Grayslake

Gerry -Grayslake

Me and my wife went to look for a truck while our insurance claim was pending from a total loss. Went to chips trucks to look wasn't sure about getting financing because of the oustanding balance of the total loss. Explained our situation to chip about my husband being self employed and that he has to run a business, exc he said take the truck for a few days and test it out and get your work done i could not believe what i heard so anyways i had his truck from Friday till Tuesday got financed and now own his truck great running truck and also cant say enough what a great guy!!! Check out chips trucks awesome trucks very knowledgeable man!!

Gerry Grayslake